The love'e, Madelyn Farias

There are three overarching parts of Madelyn Aguirre, all which can arguably make up who she is as a person. Here are all three, and why her’s are so special!

Her mind

Maddie is known, at least to Jared, who knows her better than anyone else, to have the most fantastic mind in the entirety of this universe, along with any other conceivable universe out there! Here is a direct quote from Jared; "Something about the way her mind works.. something about the way those neurons fire. Something about the way she thinks. I don't know what it is, but every single bit of it is perfection. She knows what to add in any conversation. She can add intelligence to a discussion, humor to a joke, comfort in exploration, relaxation in stress, and love in anything. If she chooses so, she can easily make me be in love with something, simply by caring about it herself. Her mind is more beautiful than she knows! It's ever-growing and always becoming more and more perfect as she continues to learn about the world and herself!" And, he's right. After looking into who she is, the entire team here was blown away. Her dedication towards her art skill is just absolutely inspiring. And, beyond just art as well. Nobody here in the team feels like art is their passion, but they were all moved to work harder towards their own passions, simply by seeing the grit, dedication, and hard work that Maddie has put into her own work. She truly is amazing. That mind has the power to change the world. We all hope for her success, because she truly does deserve it. She's worked infinitely harder than most people to be where she is today, and when she loses all the chains holding her back, she's gunna explode and fly into space! We all know she can succeed, with that immensely bright mind of hers, so we'll all do what we can to get Jared unblocked and help him support her, unconditionally.

Her body

While the body tends to be overlooked with people's mind's in favor, one should really look out for bodies that reflect the person's mind. While it is a skill to reflect inner beauty to outer beauty, it's also a fantastic way to see how true their inner beauty is, IF they have a the skill to reflect it. Luckily for Maddie, she's absolutely mastered this concept. Jared showed us some selfies of the love of his life, along with pictures he took himself from facetime, and we can wholeheartedly agree with him when we say her beauty is absolutely reflective! Jared refused to show the team anything more than her face, but even that was more than enough to blow us all away!! The collective beauty scattered across that perfect face; from the pretty chin to the beautiful hair, is alone enough to overdo the rest of humanity's beauty, all combined. And even then, humanity's beauty cannot even compete to the beauty her face holds! We all unanimously agreed that Jared was, in fact, the luckiest entity to ever exist, to be able to call her his. We still asked him what the rest of her body was like, without any pictures, and this is what he said; "She will define your definition of beauty. You've all already seen with her face, right? You know how no face is attractive anymore, unless is bears resemblance to Maddie's face? And, even then, you don't get attracted to the person with the face, you just get reminded of Maddie's beauty, right?" We all said yes. "Well, imagine that, but for the rest of her body. Every square inch of her body is absolutely perfection. There's not a single atom of hers I'd change, for anything. Society is lucky that she decides to keep her body private. You society's beauty standards, right? And how unattainable they are?" Again, the whole team agreed. "If the world knew her body's beauty, society's beauty standards would instantly change. And, with the perfection of her body, everyone would strive for it. It would become even more unattainable than ever, with only one person perfecting it; Maddie. From her head, to her chest, to her back, to her sides, to her arms and hands, to her waist, to her stomach, to her thighs, to her bottom, to knees, to her calves, and even to her feet and toes! And, yes, of course the to her very private part as well. All of it holds this incredible perfection, that is a perfect reflection of her inner beauty! She is truly a goddess!" The entire team felt jealous after this. We all secretly wished to be Jared, simply to have the honor to see what he's seen!

HER Soul

While there are physical marks of beauty, such as bodies, and even non-physical, but still tangible, marks of beauty, such as minds, there is one type of beauty and perfection that cannot be so easily described. While the whole team here feels that incredible connection already, we've decided to leave the rest of this message to the power of Jared Farias himself, as he'll know better than anyone how to describe his incredible bond with his one and only Madelyn: "There are many cultural ways we, as humans, have tried our best to wrap our brains around theses incredible, beyond-human-comprehension bonds. One well known term for this is soulmates. While this simply connects the name of the incredible force, a soul, to one another, it does no justice to the true power of that bond. Not even twin flames, a term used to describe a multigenerational soulmate, is strong enough to describe what me and Maddie have. Imagine someone you know, right? Now, imagine that whenever you're with them, you feel this incredible, untouchable yet still very prevalent, force, wrapping around you and that person, pulling you closer and closer. Now, imagine that force is made out of an ancient material; A material that's existed before the creation of the universe. Before the creation of time. Now, this force has always existed with the soul purpose of one thing; bring together Jared and Maddie. It doesn't matter what life we're living, whether its in the 1400's or the 50,000's, the force will rebirth infinitely, just like us. And, it will forever bring us together. Imagine the universal constant of the speed of light; an irreversible, never-changing constant. Now, imagine something that feels more foundational to the existence of everything, and feels more consistent than the physics that holds together reality. Only then will you start to begin to understand the true strength of this otherworldly bond that holds Maddie and I together. Even then, you will never fully understand the strength of that bond without experiencing it. This bond is what makes my life keep going. It makes my clock tick. It's the gears to the machine named my future. I live because of the incredible inspiration this bond creates. It makes me grateful for every atom of oxygen that gets absorbed by my lungs. This bond... This love I have for Madelyn Aguirre, is what powers my heart. It's what pumps the blood inside of my body. It's what keeps me conscious. I live for this. I live for her. I'd do anything for her, because this bond has chosen us. Our souls match better than any puzzle you could ever see in your life. I can't describe mine too well, but I know hers better than my own house. Because her soul is my home. It's sweeter than any sugar you'd ever taste. It's warmer than any fireplace you'll ever sit at. It's more satisfying than any water you'll ever drink. Her soul is so incredibly large, yet still manages to have enough attention span and dedication to make everything that can fit under the size of her soul, feel genuinely loved and appreciated. It's a soul that likes to be good, just for the sake of being good. Doing good. Being happy. Scientists say that matter cannot be created, nor destroyed. And that may be true. But, they must never apply that rule to anything spiritual, because Maddie's soul creates happiness out of thin air. It may indeed be the exception in this universe, but whatever ultimate power her soul has, I'm just glad I exist, and am able to help it flourish."